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Following Jesus

A study in the Gospel of Mark

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Why Mark?

Mark presents the story of Jesus at a hurried pace, “immediately” moving from one story to the next, and is the shortest of the four gospels, often seen as a shorter version of Matthew or Luke, and so has often been ignored in favour of the other gospels.

But if we skip over Mark, we miss an entire Biblical perspective of Jesus. The Gospel of Mark presents a clear picture of Jesus as the Son of God and Servant-King, by focusing on the ministry of Jesus among people. He teaches, heals, and converses. Jesus is a real man, and yet the very Son of God.

Mark is also a gospel uniquely written to non-Jews, and so provides an accessible account for those new to the faith, or exploring questions about Jesus for the first time.

In the Fall of 2021, we preached a 10-part series called “The Gospel”, equipping the church with the basics of the gospel and evangelism. As a continuation of that series, the Gospel of Mark is an essential tool for walking alongside new believers.

Dig in!

1.    Use your Journal

We’ve provided Scripture Journals for you to follow along as we preach through Mark. This gives you a single place to keep all your notes from sermons and your own study.

2.    Read Mark

At an average reading pace, it takes 90 minutes to read the Gospel of Mark. Try to read the entire gospel at least once, to keep the big picture clear in your mind.

3.    Memorize Scripture

To remember the book of Mark, consider memorizing passages like Mark 2:17, 4:30-32, 4:39-41, 10:43-45, and 16:6.

4.    Join a LifeGroup

LifeGroups meet in homes, with about 8 to 12 people, to do life together, seeking to understand the Scriptures and apply them to our lives. For our study, we use the text and sermon from Sunday and dig deeper into what was preached.