Flourish 2024

New this year – Two events in One!

Young Adult Women's Event
Friday March 22nd

Flourish Women's Conference
Saturday March 23

Flourish Women's Conference

Ladies, if you have an appetite for biblical teaching and value encouragement in your Christian journey, Southshore Bible Church of Barrie invites you to our annual Flourish Women’s Conference on Saturday, March 23rd!

This half-day conference will provide solid teaching in our two main sessions and workshop options, delivered by compelling and authentic speakers.

You’ll also be heartened through meaningful worship and warm fellowship as we wrap it all up with a leisurely, delicious lunch. Space is limited, so register early!

Note - Payment is required to confirm your registration.

Flourish Flyer 1 - W.C.

Young Adults Women's Event


New for 2024!

At Southshore Bible Church, we are passionate about discipling and developing the next generation to be biblically literate leaders who stand out as compelling and accurate examples of Christ to the world. Since space is limited in our Women’s Conference, we have created this separate but similar event for Young Adult women (Late High School to College & Career), to hear from two of our Flourish speakers who have particularly timely and challenging messages for this life stage.

You’ll also enjoy worship led by a young adult team and fantastic refreshments, including Chick-fil-A and tasty desserts.  Gather your friends, make a girls’ night of it, and sign up for this inaugural event!

Note - Payment is required to confirm your registration.

Conference Main Session

Jenny Hawkins


Main Session: Vulnerable No More

In the mighty battles the Christian is sure to face, we need not be anxious or afraid, vulnerable or weak kneed when God has provided us with His truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation and spirit. More than a visualization or metaphor for living, we are given instruction on how to access God’s abundant provision for us in battle. Let’s explore together how we practically put on this armour to stand firm despite a scheming adversary and shifting culture.

Speaker Biography

Jenny Hawkins is a passionate student and teacher of God’s word, having been transformed in her adult life by the truth in it and the good God who wrote it. She spends her days trying to apply biblical wisdom to life as she supports her fire-fighting husband, Billy, and their three children, Grace, Will and Charlotte as they navigate the years of university and high school. Jenny serves her beloved church by teaching women’s studies, mentoring younger women and overseeing the Welcome Ministry. As someone who has come to know the Lord later in life, Jenny brings fresh appreciation for the riches and wisdom we find in scripture, and she looks forward to sharing that with you at Flourish 2024!

Concurrent Workshops

You may choose which one you wish to attend when you complete your registration

Grace Brown


Who Are You?

Recognizing the Source of Our Identity and Purpose.

In the Book of Colossians, Paul prays for one major thing that will enable the Church to live in light of the identity He has given them. Our passage will teach us who we are, whose we are, and what our glorious purpose is as believers in Jesus Christ!

Speaker Biography

Grace was raised in a Christian home and came to know the Lord at an early age. She has been married to her husband Peter for 7 years, and they have a very energetic 2-year-old, Lucy, and a newborn baby boy, Samuel, so life is never dull! Along with caring for little ones, Grace is currently taking a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies Degree from Moody Bible Institute. While Grace is proud to be a wife, mother, student, and artist, over the years the Lord has taught her that her truest identity is found in Him - something she can’t wait to share at this year’s conference!

Terri Ann Gaynik


Gospel Grit

We Can Do Hard Things!

We are frail and finite.  Sin affects so much of our daily walk.  All of humanity will experience trials and suffering.  BUT for those who are IN Christ, for those who seek to honour and obey him, we have been given the wisdom of how to persevere well through affliction.    Together, we will explore how the gospel truths of Jesus Christ give us all the grit we need to do the hard things He calls us to.

Speaker Biography

Terri Ann is a wife and homeschool mama of four ranging in age from 2-16. She deeply loves family and the local church, and seeks to grow in holiness as she serves him in those spaces.  In her spare time, you can find her growing and preparing food for her family, cycling, and reading historical fiction.

Avery Surette

Avery Surette 2024

Made for This

The Call to Engage in a Meaningful, Christ-Centered Existence.

Believe it or not, the scriptures have a say in how we spend our free time – and it is radically different than our culture’s perspective. This workshop applies passages about wisdom and the life of Jesus Christ so that we can be further equipped to live meaningfully for the kingdom of God. You may even be shocked to discover that these culturally radical methods of time usage contribute not only to the kingdom of God, but to finding individual purpose and happiness – almost like we were made for this.

Speaker Biography

Avery Surette is a second-year varsity athlete at Redeemer University, studying English and Math. She is passionate about investing these important years in meaningful activity, and encouraging her peers to do the same so that their generation can reach adulthood strong, healthy, wise, and ready to positively impact their communities for Christ. When Avery’s not playing volleyball or studying, you can find her adventuring, reading classic literature, working out, making music, and enjoying the many treasured people in her life.