What to Expect

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What Should I Expect?

Service Expectations

Our service includes singing a few songs led by a small worship team, prayer as we bring our needs to God and praise Him together, and a sermon from a passage of Scripture. Often we’ll also hear stories of how God is at work in people’s lives and in our church family. We typically celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month. We love to mingle after the service over coffee, so feel free to stay, enjoy some refreshments and meet some new faces!


Our kids usually stay for the first part of the service, and are dismissed to SBC Kids prior to the sermon.

What to Wear

There is no pressure to wear anything in particular, most people dress casually.


Welcome to Southshore!

We appreciate that going to a new church for the first time can be intimidating. This is especially true if you are new to church altogether. Therefore, we want to help you to come with the right expectations.

We love God and we love people

God has shown His love to us by sending His Son, Jesus, into the world to die in our place, thus taking the wrath and punishment that we deserve for our own sins. Since Jesus has done this for us, there is now no condemnation for all of us who believe in Him. Therefore, we love God because He first loved us. And, the love that we have received from God, we seek to extend to all people.

At Southshore, you will find a group of people who make every effort to live a life of love toward God and people. We do not always achieve this goal perfectly, but it is our heart's desire. When you come to Southshore you will encounter people who genuinely care for one another on Sunday and throughout the week in tangible ways. We will be glad to see you.

We dress comfortably

There is no dress code at Southshore. We believe that the authenticity of a person's heart is far more important than the clothes they are wearing. Therefore, come dressed to be yourself before God.

We pray, sing, and preach

Our goal is to meet with God as we pray and sing to Him. Our music, therefore, is a means through which we seek to sing to God. As a result, even while we strive for musical excellence, our singing is not meant to be a performance or a concert. We carefully select songs with lyrics that match the things that we believe.

During the preaching, we invite the Holy Spirit to open our minds and soften our hearts to hear what God might say to us through the Bible. We consider the Bible to be the Word of God. Therefore, we take the preaching of the Bible seriously.

We have a lot of kids

More than one-third of our church is composed of children and youth. We are thrilled that so many young families call Southshore home, even while having many kids necessarily introduces a "youthful energy" to our times together. We desire to be a multi-generational church composed of all kinds of people. Therefore, whether you have 19 kids or no kids, you are welcome here.

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